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        The company gives training and guidance, good career development space and compensation mechanism, provide comfortable office conditions and sports and recreation facilities,provide free fully facilities staff dormitory,make you live and work in peace.



        Position function:

        市场营销/拓展专员/市场助理/Marketing management/development specialist/marketing assistant



        Job description:

        - 高端会议产品的学习与掌握/learning and grasping of high-end conference products

        - 高端会议项目目标市场与客户掌握/target market and customer master of high-end conference projects

        - 目标客户调研与邀请准备/survey and invitation preparing of target customers

        - 赞助商、参展商、参会代表、会议媒体邀请/inviting of sponors,exhibitors,representatives participating to the conference,conference media

        - 配合设计完成客户服务与协调/coordinate design and complete customer service&concert

        - 现场客户服务/live customer service

        - 其他临时任务安排/Other Assignments


        Job requirement:

        - 性别不限,专业不限,市场营销、新闻传媒、会展、PR相关专业优先/The gender is not restricted,specialty is not restricted,marketing management,News media,conferences and exhibitions,PR related majors are perferred

        - 善于沟通与表达,国际部需具有良好的英文口语和书写能力/Be good at communication and expression, must have good spoken and wrriten English

        - 熟练使用电脑和Office、CRM办公软件,有平面设计基础优先/Proficiency in the use of computers and CRM office- software, graphic design basis is perferred

        - 有一定的市场分析能力和解决问题的能力/Have a certain ability of market analysis and problem solving.

        - 较强的学习能力和适应能力/Strong learning ability and adaptability

        - 充满活力与激情,吃苦耐劳,能承受一定的压力/Full of vitality and passion,  bear hardships and stand hard work, can withstand a certain pressure

        - 有自我驱动力和团队精神/Self driving force and team spirit

        - 有行业相关经验者优先/Industry related experience is perferred